Trellis Design

As an architectural structural found in gardens around the world, the trellis design…

As an architectural structure found in gardens around the world, the trellis design has proven to be a popular choice for supporting climbing plants as well as creating shade.

There are a wide range of different designs constructed from such materials as wood, bamboo, string or metal which are woven together in a lattice which facilitates the climbing and attachment of plants and flowers.  The most popular plants to utilize on trellises include climbing roses and ivy as well as sweet peas and grapevines.

Different materials lend themselves well to different plants, so it is a good idea to check first whether your plants are going to be able to thrive on the trellis structure that you want to buy.

Metal Trellises

Metal trellises are long lasting, attractive and often ornate features that fit well into a wide range of gardens, it is important to note that when exposed to direct sunlight the metal become extremely hot resulting in difficult growing conditions for some less hardy vines.  Clematises and tomato plants are the ideal plants to grow on metal as they deal very well with shading the metal and can handle the increase it temperature well.

Wooden Trellises

Trellises constructed from treated wood make excellent additions to your garden.  If you plan to water your climbing plants often then you will want to ensure that the wood is essentially for outdoor use and that it can handle being in constant with abundant water.

Although a wooden trellis is not as hardy as a metal one, it can be treated and maintained with a coat of sealant of paint every winter and will last for many years to come.  In addition to this, they are far more plant friendly and can host even the most delicate of plants.

Grape Trellises

By far the most popular design of trellis is the grapevine trellis or grape trellis.  Not only do they offer extensive shade, but are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any garden.  Due to their ability to grow very large, they are ideal for pergola structures as well as being used as fences to cordon off areas of your garden, but will require a large space dedicated to their root structure in order to ensure that they grow and bear fruit.  Eight foot by eight foot is considered the minimum requirement for this.

When it comes to design styles of trellises, there are numerous designs available on the market including

1.   Arch trellises that allow plants and flowers to grow into an arch.  These are great for entranceways into the garden as well as at the front gate.  They are also a wonderful solution if you wish to develop a small vantage point in your garden that has seating and shade.  Setting up a garden swing seat under an arch of wild roses could be exactly what your garden needs.

2.  Potted trellises that can be placed anywhere around the garden with the root system for the plant being placed in a planter.  These are great for decks, cement patios and even balconies and porches.

3.  Wall Trellises are great for converting an open wall space into something dramatic.  While some climbing plants can damage the structure of your home, you are able to prevent any damage by installing wall trellises and training your climber to remain on the framework, rather than engrain it in the brickwork.  These designs can also be an excellent addition of garden decor that can transform an unattractive area of your garden into something special.

When it comes to an affordable and attractive garden structure that will add dimension and color to your garden, you will appreciate that the trellis design is versatile as well as economical and can make a marked difference to the overall look of your garden.