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Pergola Plans

Building pergolas can be a very cost effective method to add value to your home and there are a wide collection of pergola plans on the market in vari...


Building pergolas can be a very cost effective method to add value to your home and there are a wide collection of pergola plans on the market in various styles and designs to suit your own personal garden requirements.

We have found a collection of free pergola plans for you to take advantage of and hope that they will inspire you to start building.

Free Building Pergola Plans

Lean To Pergola with Roof

Building Your Pergola

The Beauty of Cedar Pergolas


Cedar Pergolas are considered to be the most popular wood type when it comes to choosing your pergola wood.  The main reason for this is that cedar has a natural resistance to certain types of pests and due to the resin in the wood itself it is also excellent against rot and decay.

In addition to being able to build your pergola from this sought after wood type, you can also find a wide range of great looking garden furniture that is manufactured from the same wood, which will compliment any garden structure.  While cedar is popular, the most popular type of cedar has to be Western Red Cedar which is used extensively for wooden deckings as well as wooden outdoor furniture.

Cedar wood is also been used for a range of new pergola kits and can be found in use for rooftop as well as garage pergolas which turn unusual spaces into attractive features.  Garages tend to be rather drab as compared to our home designs and being able to put something as simple as a garage pergola onto your garage will dramatically improve its overall look.

Taking the time to find the right combination for your home of outdoor furniture styles and pergola or garden structures will not only make your garden far more functional but will also increase the value of your home.  In this day and age, when selling properties requires a little out of the box thinking, a small investment such as a garage pergola or rooftop pergola could mean the difference between getting the price you want or having to walk away with much less.


Pergola Plans


When building your pergola, you will want to buy some plans to work from.  Depending on the design that you have chosen, you can opt for a single plan or a collection of plans.  Pergola plans online tend to cost in the region of around $8.00 for a single plan.  We have a great collection of plans that include not only pergola plans, but also gazebo and plans for other garden structures such as greenhouses and sheds.

The collection also includes a large library of information about how to do woodworking in general, troubleshooting for all sorts of projects that you might be interested or involved in and also a huge bonus section on how to complete just about any diy task around the home.

For those that need a little more visual help, there is a huge collection of videos in our video library that allows to an over the shoulder look at how everything is done.

For more information on the woodworking plans click the picture below…

Building Pergola


If you are the diy sort of person and have decided that building pergolas is a much better decision that buying them, then you will have a bit of preparing to do before you begin your project in order to ensure that it all runs smoothly.

The first thing you want to do is find a set of woodworking pergola plans to work from. Many of the plans online will set you back around $20.00, so finding a collection of four different plans including eight gazebo plans and deck plans to mention just a few of the 14,000 plans included in the package at one low cost of just $49.00 is a steal.

What’s really great about the collection is that it comes with a complete diy instruction download. Everything you would need to know in order to ensure that your pergola project goes according to plan.

Now that you have the plans, you’ll want to ensure that the ground that you are going to be constructing your pergola on is flat or at least that your plan takes into account if there is a slope. You may decide that building a two poled pergola that rests against another structure such as you home may be the ideal solution.

Now you will need your construction materials. There are a variety of different woods that are very popular including redwood and cedar. Choose something that is sympathetic to your environment and that is cost effective where you live.

You may also consider reclaimed wood in order to keep your costs down even further. Research various options and find the right solution for you.

Pergola Design – Different Designs, Different Uses


When researching the various designs available for your pergolas, you will want to take into consideration a few key factors about the use of your garden structure as well as size of your garden.

When dealing with an outdoor pergola you want to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of the structure. The ideal situation is to have it with a retractable cover so that you can take advantage of those warm sunny days without having to then move indoors when the sun is at it’s fiercest.

If you are going for a deck pergola the size of your deck will determine how large or small your pergola structure is. You will also want to ensure that it fits in with the overall look of your deck and matching the wood is a very good idea for a sympathic look.

The most popular wood that most garden structures are constructed from is Cedar. The main reason for this is that cedar has a natural defence against various wood pests and ages extremely well with a wonderful silver color that doesn’t change with time. We have a collection of Cedar Pergolas for you to look through in our gallery.

If you are into the idea of building pergolas, then our collection of pergola plans will come in handy. For diy enthusiasts there is a fair amount of money to be saved in building your own and if you are that way inclined you may be interested in doing a little work on your landscaping design in order to make your garden a haven of relaxation.  For the less adventurous diy-er, there are pergola kits to choose from too.

Whatever your decision, we have an extensive gallery of pergola pictures for you to peruse and discover the ideal pergola for you and your family.