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Value Adding Backyard Pergola Types

Outdoor pergolas are now becoming very fashionable again. Whenever we get to stay home, wouldn't it be just splendid to be able to take it easy, re-ch...


Outdoor pergolas are now becoming very fashionable again. Whenever we get to stay home, wouldn’t it be just splendid to be able to take it easy, re-charge, and make the most out of this opportunity to devote quality time with either our family or by ourselves? Your backyard pergola can quickly change a humdrum, unexciting garden into something quite special as well as a wonderful leisure spot for family.

Larger landscapes tend to lend themselves very well to including a pergola design. Inside a big space a pergola can basically become the focus of the garden. It can be a place to shelter beneath whilst experiencing the wildlife that surrounds you and being 1 with nature. Aside from that, it may also serve as an extension to your home, making it seem very much bigger than it is.

Wood is much more versatile in the building of pergolas as oppsed to vinyl and aluminum. Together with wood being easier on the wallet, it is usually less difficult to work with and applies well to a back garden location. Picking Out wood which has a all-natural effectiveness against rot and weathering will likewise make sure that it lasts for a long time. Based on your budget, you may choose timber sorts such as cedar, redwood or teak wood.

Though installing a patio pergola into the back patio will immediately change it into a haven of relaxation and delight, this quick built addition has long term rewards in that the worth of your dwelling increases as well. With only a minimal amount of upkeep and care, your pergola will provides decades of fun.

Pergola Design – Different Designs, Different Uses


When researching the various designs available for your pergolas, you will want to take into consideration a few key factors about the use of your garden structure as well as size of your garden.

When dealing with an outdoor pergola you want to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of the structure. The ideal situation is to have it with a retractable cover so that you can take advantage of those warm sunny days without having to then move indoors when the sun is at it’s fiercest.

If you are going for a deck pergola the size of your deck will determine how large or small your pergola structure is. You will also want to ensure that it fits in with the overall look of your deck and matching the wood is a very good idea for a sympathic look.

The most popular wood that most garden structures are constructed from is Cedar. The main reason for this is that cedar has a natural defence against various wood pests and ages extremely well with a wonderful silver color that doesn’t change with time. We have a collection of Cedar Pergolas for you to look through in our gallery.

If you are into the idea of building pergolas, then our collection of pergola plans will come in handy. For diy enthusiasts there is a fair amount of money to be saved in building your own and if you are that way inclined you may be interested in doing a little work on your landscaping design in order to make your garden a haven of relaxation.  For the less adventurous diy-er, there are pergola kits to choose from too.

Whatever your decision, we have an extensive gallery of pergola pictures for you to peruse and discover the ideal pergola for you and your family.