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Designing a Garden Landscape

An important stage to getting your backyard landscape right is planning it carefully. To accomplish this it is advisable to look at every factor of yo...


An important stage to getting your backyard landscape right is planning it carefully. To accomplish this it is advisable to look at every factor of your garden and find the places that are susceptible to more sunshine, shade, rain water collection and slopes to enable you to make use of them in your landscape design phase.

In order to geta more lucid idea of what your garden has to offer and what kinds of designs will suit it best, you really need to draft a simple diagraph on paper and initiate working together with the shape and lines of your location. Taking Walks through the backyard following a few days with no rainwater will disclose which vegetation is being exposed to a lot of sunlight whilst it will also show you where there is natural rain water collection. If you can do the same thing after extensive rainfall to discover how effectively certain areas of the backyard drain. After you have all this information available, you could start to work out what kinds of plant life will work well in each of the areas of the backyard, together with being aware of the drier areas to position such backyard structures as pergolas.

Taking stock with all the different crops already growing will in addition present you with a solid idea of which locations are much better for growth and which plants you possibly can include in your overall landscape design and style. Just About Every garden will have some redeeming features and discovering those before beginning your layout can result in utilizing some already growing plants.

If you discover during your planning period that you have organic features for example rock formations or water collection areas, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of them and combine them into your pattern also. Yet Another feature that could need your consideration is levelling or filling in parts. Landscaping is about dimension, colour and shape and adding multiple levels to your backyard will help to develop dimension, so look at heightened regions as features which will work nicely as deck or platforms for backyard design concepts including trellises and arbors.

Once you have concluded your landscaping plan, you’ll have a far better feel for your garden, having spent time in it picking out the perfect locations for both flowers, plant life and yard structures or elements and will be able to commence the process of putting your landscaping style together.

Landscaping with Trees


Having a tree in your backyard is a wonderful feature but if your intention is to add some tress to your garden there are some that are better suited to certain landscape ideas than others.  Some of the more popular trees to be considered in gardens include Poplars, Willows and Junipers.  When choosing a tree for your garden you should be looking for a tree that is not too big and that has some interesting features about it.

Poplar trees are fast growing and tend to shed all their leaves every year, so it may be a rather high maintenance choice and not only does it shed all of its leaves, but does so pretty early in the season so stands bear for a long time.  There are some features on certain trees however that makes them interesting choices and these include copper beech for its gorgeous leaves, tulip trees for their wonderful blossoms and white birch for its incredible looking bark.

If you are interested in planting a willow tree in your garden, then a little extra moisture is required as they like a great deal of water and do well next to rivers and ponds.

Although evergreens are considered a great investment in that they offer foliage all year round, they can also result in limited amounts of sunlight reaching your home during the darker winter months, so it is not a good idea to have a large number of these types of plants near your home.

Remember to look at trees and shrubs that bloom at different times of the year so that at any time you can view your garden and see something else that has come to life.  Shrubs are great for all types of purposes in the garden from separating areas to using as boundaries for your property.  Hedges are far more attractive than most fences are and if you want to have a hedge that will flower too then take a look at Osage orange, Japan barberry and Buckthorn.  The primary reason for introducing such garden landscaping items as trees to your garden is to cement the relationship between your home and your garden and to form a harmonious whole.