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Deck Railing Ideas Part 2

Deck Railing Ideas Part 1 - Wrought Iron Deck Railings When it comes to durability, you cannot go wrong with wrought iron and they are also some...


Deck Railing Ideas Part 1 -

Wrought Iron Deck Railings

When it comes to durability, you cannot go wrong with wrought iron and they are also somewhat more cost effective than other options such as glass.  Although wrought iron is excellent for locations that experience extremes in weather is it important to note that they can be rather heavy and will require solid bracketing to hold them in place in addition to the weight of a person who may happen to fall against them.  The railings themselves will have no problem dealing with the weight, but they are only as strong as their attachment brackets.

Glass Deck Railings

For a much more sophisticated look, consider glass fronted railing that allow you an unobstructed view when sitting down on the deck, but can cost a small fortune.  The glass that is utilized in the construction of deck railings is extremely tough and can handle virtually any weather conditions but will require careful installation and is not ideal for locations below trees that bear large fruit.

When looking at the various materials to use, take into account what your home looks like so that your deck can feel like an extension of your home rather than a separate structure

Deck Railing Ideas Part 1


When it comes to safety, there are few features on your deck that are as important as you deck railing and finding the right design will ensure that your family is safe from accident as well as adding the right design features to your deck.

Deck railing are of the easiest features to place on your deck and there are numerous deck railing replacement kits and well as instructions on how to install deck railings online which not only help to make your deck safer, but also mean that you can upgrade the style of your deck quickly and easily with little additional expense.  There are various types of railings on the market including the following:-

Wooden Deck Railings

Wood is by far the most popular deck construction material and is very often used for the manufacturing of the railings too.  They are the most cost effective way to get a quality set of railings on your deck and can be made to look extremely attractive.  The only major disadvantage of wooden railings is that they are prone to weather damage in the long run and will require replacement within a few years to ensure the safety of your family.  They need to be checked each and every year to ensure that they are still secure and at the very first sign of damage, will need to be replaced, particularly if your deck is located even a couple of feet above ground level.

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