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Garden Structures for Great Looking Gardens

Although summer is the season to enjoy your garden the most, it is not the only time that your garden should be utilized and the best way to ensure al...


Although summer is the season to enjoy your garden the most, it is not the only time that your garden should be utilized and the best way to ensure all year round use is to have the right structures and design features in place.  There are a range of different garden structures that can not only extend the amount of time you spend in the garden, but can actually enhance your lifestyle and enjoyment of your home.

Fire pits and fireplaces are becoming popular outdoor garden features and introducing such a design into your pergola or gazebo will ensure that it can be used all through the winter.  The open roof design of a pergola is ideal for these fire driven features as they allow for the smoke to move out through the latticework.  By adding some elegant outdoor furniture to this space means that even on warmer evenings, the ambiance and the comfortable furnishing will be more than you can resist.

Gazebos are also excellent items to add to your garden and can be built with either a solid wall frame or an open frame.  Old style gazebos and pavilion style gazebos are great for additional eating and dining space under the cover of a roof without losing the outdoor dining experience.  These designs are a little more expensive than pergolas, but with the permanent roof structure, they offer far more shade and protection against the elements.

Arbors and Trellises are smaller options to the pergolas and garden arches and are ideal for smaller gardens that need just a few smaller focal points.  They are both ideal for growing climbing plants over and will add some much needed shade to a garden swing seat or lounger.  They are both easy to build, cheap to buy and easy to install making them our best budget garden structure.

No matter what type of structure you choose, you can find some great ideas online and can mix and match to suit your style, your home and your garden without having to spend a great deal of money.

Your Guide to Grape Vine Trellis Styles


Your grape vine trellis design is going to be way more appealing when compared to a standard fabric canopy with regards to providing shade in your backyard or entertainment area. In combination with that, they’ll also produce fruit making them equally appealing and useful. By allowing your grape vine to grow around an arch or pergola design and style construction, you will not only have shade, but can yield an abundance of fruit too.

Producing your grape vine trellis seriously isn’t difficult, and often will demand a little preparation such as where you should position it and exactly where your vine rooting system ought to be located.

Wooden posts are the favourite option, nevertheless the timber will require pressure treatment and where doable work with a hardwood such as redwood that’s rot resilient. Climbing crops have to have a lattice of wiring to connect themselves to. It is done with line as well as a drill and is much simpler to do prior to when the posts are planted in the ground.

Grapevines when completely grown and when producing fruit is usually extremely heavy and so it will be essential that this trellis is both strong and securely planted in the ground.