Rooftop Pergolas

Rooftop pergolas are a great way to enhance your roof space and make it an entertainment oasis, but placing a pergola type structure on your roof requ...


Rooftop pergolas are a great way to enhance your roof space and make it an entertainment oasis, but placing a pergola type structure on your roof requires some planning to ensure that it is stable and secure, particularly if exposed to high winds.

Backyard pergolas tend to have the protection from walls, houses and trees when it comes to dealing with weather conditions such as high winds, but when placing your pergola on a roof top, you have two serious considerations to take into account.  The first being that there will be little if any protection and that without a wall or house to attach to, the pergola will require different types of bracing to ensure that it doesn´t blow over.

Your rooftop pergola will also not include extensive coverage on it as it needs to be open to ensure that the wind passes through it without lifting it up.  You will also want to attach it securely and where possible include such items as planters or ballasts to weight it down and keep it secure.

Lightweight materials such as aluminium are popular for rooftop pergolas due to their lightweight, yet extremely durable structure and they can be attached easily.  With a wide range of designs available from retailers such as Garden Structures, you are sure to find something to suit your home and your particular styled roof area.

Pergola Plans


Building pergolas can be a very cost effective method to add value to your home and there are a wide collection of pergola plans on the market in various styles and designs to suit your own personal garden requirements.

We have found a collection of free pergola plans for you to take advantage of and hope that they will inspire you to start building.

Free Building Pergola Plans

Lean To Pergola with Roof

Building Your Pergola

Create Garden Shade with Awnings


Summer is a great time to take advantage of your garden, but not having adequate shade can force you indoors before the day is done.  Creating shade for your garden can be as easy as putting up a shade umbrella, but there are also some wonderful awning designs that will not only add character and color to your patio or yard but will also increase the value of your home.

Freestanding Umbrella Type Awnings

As a cost effective way of improving the look and feel of your garden, you cannot go wrong with the freestanding umbrella type awning designs available.  The latest design feature includes having the umbrella stand to one side of the shade so that it doesn´t have to interfere with the space below it and you don’t have to put the umbrella stand through a table.  The frames of these structures are generally manufactured from aluminium steel which is lightweight but durable and when powder coated, they can last for a lifetime with just the minimum amount of cleaning.

Sailshade Awnings

Sailshades are an excellent want to produce instant shade in the garden and due to their sail like design, they provide wonderful contours to what may otherwise have been a drab looking yard.  Sailshades require being attached to posts or walls, but can be mounted easily and taken down should the need arise to wash them.  They can also be manufactured from a vinyl fabric allowing them to be waterproof but generally this material doesn´t allow for air to pass through making them a little warmer to sit under.

Retractable Awnings for Multifunctional Areas

Having the ability to retract your awning when the desire arises is a great feature to have and retractable awnings over structures such as pergolas and trellises is becoming increasingly popular.  You can find a wide range of excellent retractable awnings that can be used for your patio area too and they can almost always be co-ordinated to your garden furniture fabrics.   They can be retracted by mean of a manual or motorized roller and is easy for people of all ages.

No matter what type of awning you choose, you will find that your garden is far more functional and fun for it.

Porch Designs to Suit Your Home


Sprucing Up your house can be very expensive particularly if you want to include further areas like backyards and porches. While there are numerous extremely elaborate designs that could cost a lot of money, you can find an array of superbly built porch designs that cost very little. All that’s needed from you is a bit of homework and an open mind to some of the modern, yet long lasting materials that have become accessible recently.

Your Home Design Style-

The material that you use for your porch design must fit with the rest of your home, to ensure it looks like an orginal extention, as opposed to something which was stuck on at a later date. If your porch appears to bea badly set up extension, this may negatively affect the value of your home rather than boosting its value.

Back Garden Design, Size and Shape-

The size and shape of your yard will also have to be taken into consideration. While significant verandas do add loads of working and living space to your home, this really should not be carried out at the expense of your house looking out of balance and losing property value. The shape of your backyard can also work well into the design and shape of your porch, specially if your yard is an unconventional shape or has numerous levels to it.

Ways to Spruce Up Your Porch-

Turning your porch into a screened rooms is a wonderful way to enhance your liveable space in addition to making the room a lot more useful month in month out. Household Furniture that might ordinarily not be utilised outdoors including settees and area rugs can certainly and safely be positioned in such a screened-in room.

With a little groundwork into materials, styles and shapes of porch designs, you can get the ideal design for your residence without investing lots of money, however boosting your standard of living together with the value of your home.

Instant Gazebos , Pergolas and Other Garden Structures


One of the main purposes that men and women put money into gazebos other garden shelters for their back yards is to add character and ambiance to their open-air entertainment area. Deciding on the specific design and style will nonetheless also require understanding what you are going to be utilizing the design for.

Architectural design trends should be considered when looking at a variety of backyard structures. You should ensure your extension fits in with your entire home. If you are able to produce a seamless extension, you can be assured that the outcome will look wonderful and add value.

Precisely how functional the design ought to be will make a huge difference to what it will look like. For gazebos which are erected for their appearance alone and don´t have any specific function, you will discover that the only restriction is going to be just how much you would like to invest. For practical structures that must generate shade or a framework for growing plants upon, you will want to evaluate particular styles. Size can also be a vital factor to consider as a tiny hideaway is going be completely different to a framework for a big entertainment area. This method of eradication will help to narrow your alternatives down to the ideal gazebo designs.

Most gazebos function as a roof shelter or as an enclosed outdoor area. If you are looking for a framework structure for vegetation and to give shade only, then a open pop-up garden gazebo is ideal, yet for a more functional design you’ll value why people love investing in a closed gazebo that has the capability to be closed up and left. These bigger gazebos are now being employed as garden spas, outdoor rooms together with home workplaces and extra visitor lodgings. With the addition of electrical power, they could be made use of as additional livable space too. When entertaining, they make perfect location to place the meals in order that it doesn´t draw in critters.

With regards to the construction material to develop your gazebo or pergola, wood is continually regarded as the most suitable choice, not only due to the fact that it is cost efficient, but also becasue is lends so well to most backyard garden designs.

Gazebo designs may havea impressive impact on a garden space and may strengthen its value. For a successful build, make the most of your garden space as well as your spending budget and get the gazebo design you are worthy of.

Landscape Plans


Planning your landscape design is crucial to ensure its success. The primary function of doing a landscape plan is to discover which aspects of your garden are best suited to selected plants, patio structures and features like which spots get the most sunlight, have the best drainage and appear the most fertile.

If you make usage of some straightforward chart paper, you’ll be able to draw up a rough plan of the pattern of the backyard garden and home after which you can begin your assesment of the property. Wandering through the area on a dry day after a couple of days of no rain will reveal where the dry patches of your backyard are. A similar notes should be taken following extented rain to find out exactly where rain water builds up and what drainage may perhaps be necessary so as to prevent water damage and drowning of plant life. Figuring Out which areas of your garden retain much less water is going to be suited to garden structures including gazebos and pergolas while decking posts will benefit from dried up locations too.

Flowers can be quite expensive, so if you have some developing in your backyard, it really is a terrific way to lower your expenses by keeping them and working around them in your backyard garden design. You may locate that you have some yard features that seem to be strange or out of place, but could come to be focus points in your landscape design, so always keep your options wide open and think a little bit outside of the proverbial box.

Some backyards have naturally located characteristics for instance rocks or ponds which may be used in the design of your backyard and may easily create a one of a kind look. Aspects of your garden may need filling or levelling as well depending on the kind of garden style that you’d like to decide on. Multilevel backyards are ideal for incorporating dimension and shape to any lawn, but may necessitate a tad bit more work in the beginning and may often include such characteristics as outside patio’s and outdoor rooms.

Once you’ve completed your landscape plan, you’ll have a significantly better feel for your garden, having invested time in it finding the perfect locations for both flowers, crops and backyard garden buildings or elements and will be able to start the whole process of getting your landscape design together.

Creating Shade with Your Pergola


A pergola in the garden can be a design feature but can also introduce a great deal of shade too which makes it the ideal structure for outdoor entertainment areas or around a swimming pool.  The structure of the design is composed of a latticework of beams and posts that is open on top and there are various ways that you can create shade cover over the top.

Growing Vine Plants over Your Pergola

Plants are by far the most popular method to create shade over your pergola.  The most popular climbing plants used include grapevines and bougainvillea, but there are a range of other great vines and climbing plants that can be used.  Not only will some of them create foliage but can also produce flowers and fruit offering a wonderfully scented area to relax under.  The other advantages of growing plants over your pergola include that you do not entirely block out the sunlight and the overall look blends well into the garden setting.

Instant Shade with Retractable Canvas Awnings

Some of the more modern designs these days can create instant shade by means of a retractable awning.  These come in a range of colours to suit your garden design and the awning can quickly and easily be taken down for cleaning and repair should the need arise.  You can install this system with either a manual pulley or with a motorized rotor and the advantage of this system is that you can use it to protect you from light showers too, so it is useful both on good and slightly bad weather days.

Other great options for creating shade include sheets of bamboo or cane which are great for allowing a lot of light through whilst protecting against direct sunlight.  As bamboo and cane are both sustainably grown and are very cost effective you won´t have to worry about the cost of replacing them every few years.

Wood Railings for Decks


Wooden railings are always considered the most popular option when it comes to both style and classic design for builders.  While metals and glass have refractive and reflective natures, wood has the ability to absorb light and has both a cooling and calming effect.  Both outdoor and indoor wooden railings can have a dramatic impact on the look of the space, stairs or balcony.

If you plan to introduce wooden railings, there are a few key factors to consider including the type of wood you wish to use, how they are to be attached and also how to ensure that they continue to look great for years to come.

Your choice of wood will be determined primarily by the location of your railings.  For indoor use, you have a wide range of different wood varieties to choose from, while external railings will require treated wood types or wood that has a natural resistance to corrosion and pest infestations.

Some of the more popular wood types include Burma teak, Cherry, Red Oak, Walnut, Poplar, Ash and Cedar.  Although some of these wood varieties have a built in resistance to decay and rot, more often than not you will want to treat the wood to prevent the microscopic life forms from making their home in your railings and destroying your beautifully crafted rails over time.

With just a little bit of cleaning as well as the annual wax, buff and polish you will be able to ensure that your railings retain their high gloss finish.  For outdoor railings consider an annual varnish or tint or if you are painting them ensure that the previous year paint is sanded down for an attractive finish that will last for many years to come.

Varieties of Pergola Layouts for Homes and Backyards


Including a backyard construction such as a pergola or gazebo into your garden will increase the amount of shaded area you have for entertaining as well as for unwinding, but finding out what types of pergola types are available will ensure you make the very most of the garden structure and space or room.

The term pergola comes from Latin which means protective eave and were orginally utilized as a protective area for cooking and receiving individuals. Nowadays they are used in a very similar fashion to provide a backyard garden feature and a protective area for bbq’ing as well as to relax and entertaining under.

A pergola is usually constructed from posts with a latticework of cross beams that will enable for vegetation and vines to develop over. Other models utilize fabric rolltop covers so that you could take pleasure in the evening skies, but could be protected against the midday high temperatures as well.

In case you opt for an attached pergola, consider the style and design of your property to make sure that the additonal framework fits in with your entire house design. Connected pergolas tend to be utilized as walkways and pathways which lead to other yard features or can be used as back patio and veranda covers offering shade to an outside eating area.

Free Standing pergolas can be located any place in your garden and as they’re not affixed to your house, could be of any style that you would like. A Variety Of elements are being used in the building of pergolas with timber being one of the most prevalent. Other good choices include natural stone, brick and metals such as wrought iron.

There are a number of landscaping artists which have included pergolas as their trademark design features and as backyard structures go, the pergola is recognised as probably the most adaptable design on the market. Plant Life used in coverage of pergolas may also be as numerous as the models themselves with roses, grapevines, bougainvillea and wisteria are typical considered to be excellent choices for different reasons.

Grape Vine Trellis Style And Design Guidelines


Sun protection is among the great factors to invest in a grape vine trellis structure in the garden. Aside From looking considerably more interesting than other options avaiable for purchase, they can also yield tasty fruit With merely a small commitment of time you could convert a simple outline for example a pergola or arch into a breathtaking natural protected haven.

Figuring Out the quantity of protection you may need, the quantity of distinct levels you would like and exactly how large the structure is that you would like to cover will all impact the level of area you require for the root systems.

Precisely What The Trellis Should Look Like

Timber posts are definitely much more purposeful and are thought of as the first preference for most people. Rot resilient and pressure treated wood is surely of importance to making sure the longevity of the grape vine trellis. Cedar and Redwood are widely known as some of the better choices when you are evaluating wood to use as posts for your trellis.   A lattice of cords can now be employed to join both the top as well as the sides of the framework so that your climbing plants has something to attach itself to. This ıs going to be considerably simpler to perform prior to putting the posts in the earth.

Do not forget that the framework has to be secure because the weight of the vine together with the fruit could quickly bringa less than long lasting construction down. Additionally it is necessary to ensure that the posts are securely placed in the ground.

Garden Space

A grape vine that has enough root space and an adequate amount of nutrients will generate a great number of fruit. Enough area will depend on the number of plants you prefer to raise and how much shade you need to provide.

Learn how to get Bumper Crops

Vines will spread banches at various different levels making them suitable for shade and protection, but the lower branches will not fruit. Lower branches cannot produce fruit as all of the nourishment pass up to the top level branches, The easiest option is to grow more vines and have them trimmed at various levels with the lower leaves on some plants being pruned plus the top branches on others.