Landscape Design Ideas


Landscaping is often described as an art form and requires a fair amount of time and talent in order to get it just right. Having the ability to transform a simple piece of land into a picture of beauty and a home for an array of birds, insects and animals is a wonderful talent to have, but even if you are not born with it, you can achieve wonderful results with a little planning and even less money.

There are many landscaping features that are considered classics and many of them such as an expanse of well manicured lawn may look fantastic, but can require a fair amount of work, so before you begin our landscape design you will need to be honest about the amount of time you have available to work in your garden in order to maintain it.

Low maintenance landscaping has become innovative and exciting of late as people all over the world find that they want the exotic garden, but don´t have the time to tend to it.  As a result there are a lot more design features to be found in these gardens with dimension and character being added in the form of structures and garden art.  Plants are maintained in areas that are self reliant with various types of drip irrigation systems being used as well as incorporating plants that do not require much attention.

Introducing such features as tiered decks, pergolas, gazebos, sail shades and arbors are a great way to create an ambiance without having to spend a great deal of money.  A grape vine trellis once established can create a great deal of shade as well as an abundance of fruit year after year and won´t require much pruning or trimming in order to keep it happy.

Paving options are also a great way to keep your garden under control with the minimum amount of gardening tools.  You can have various types of paving around your decks and structures that won´t require any mowing at all.  Some low level floor coverings will still give you the feel of a lawn without the hassle of it growing long every spring and summer.  Incorporating such elements as wooden decks with stone pavers and slate walkways can result in a dynamic garden design with no maintenance at all.

Creating dimension and dynamic  features using plants is really what landscaping is all about and if you have the time to spend in your garden, then there are some wonderful ideas that you will find online that can dramatically enhance your garden and create an oasis that will entice everyone who visits into your garden.

If you are fortunate to have an established tree is your garden, then making it a feature in your landscape is an excellent idea.  Remember that certain trees make better centrepieces than others so having a large tree right in the middle of your garden will require a little help in ensuring that it doesn´t overwhelm the space.

To increase the number of insects and animals that frequent your garden, take a look at flowers and also water features which are irresistible to both humans and creatures.  A fish pond is a great way to attract frogs and birds and more practical features such as fire-pit, bbq or even fireplace can be a great addition for your entertainment area outdoors.  There are no hard and fast rules to landscape design as long as the space and area feel comfortable for you and satisfy your needs.