Deck Ideas and Designs

A deck is a great way to create a clean and clutter free space to enjoy your garden from a vantage point.  The concept of incorporating a deck into your garden space means that you will immediately be creating a flat surface within your garden that can be used for any number of uses including additional dining area, relaxation area, bbqing space or even sunbathing spot.

Decks are almost always constructed from wood, although you may find that innovations in recycled plastic and composite materials make a wonderful long lasting finish and can be made to look like your favourite timber.  They are cost effective in the long run as they are not damaged by being exposed to the elements in the same way that wood is.

There are a range of different deck designs that you can choose from depending on the location and the design style that will suit your home.  Pool decks are great for inground as well as above ground swimming pools.  Not only do they keep the area around the pool free of debris and grass, but are also a great location for sunbathing and entertaining.  The three main building materials include wood, tile as well as concrete and when building your deck you should consider rot and slip resistant materials.

When it comes to architectural choices in your deck design, you may wish to opt for corner, curved or rectangular designs.  If you have a backyard space that is of an unusual shape, then taking advantage of curved decks will make the most use of the space and will soften the flow of the garden landscape.  Taking into account the design features of your home, you can incorporate a few of those features into the deck design such as lighting and railings.

In deck designs that are utilized as dining or formal structures in the garden, you will want to ensure that the design of your home flows seamlessly into the design of your deck.  Adding such features as pillars and a roof structure that is manufactured in the same manner as your home, will result in the deck becoming a functioning part of the home design.

If you intent do use wood as your building material there are numerous benefits including

  • Cost Effective – wood is cheaper to work with than most other building materials when it comes to building decks.
  • Naturally Resistant to The Elements – wood has a natural resistance to the elements and with just a minimum amount of treating and maintenance, can last for decades.
  • Aesthetically Appealing – wood lends well to the garden design and is by far the most popular material due its great looks.
  • Safety and Durability – wood is ideal for around a swimming pool as it is non-slip and will wear well with all the additional moisture from the pool.

When looking for the ideal wood to use for your deck, there are some tried and tested varieties including cedar, redwood, mahogany, teak and one should always consider bamboo.  Bamboo is both sustainable as it is able to grow from sapling to fully harvested tree in less than five years and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  Bamboo is also available in a wide range of colors making it the ideal solution for your home as it can quickly be matched to other wooden materials used.